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It’s a very special occasion for the audience whenever a famous opera star, an entertainer with a powerful voice, a symphonic orchestra or a pop band share a stage. Picture this:  pop meets classical music with a dash of Las Vegas in one of Austria’s most beautiful concert halls. Or father and son: opera singer Herwig Pecoraro and pop musician Mario Pecoraro will be touring together for the very first time. In April 2016, they will perform their program entitled “When Father and Son…” at large concert halls in Vienna and Bregenz. This crossover show is unprecedented anywhere in the world and brings father and son to the same stage with pop and classical music that will delight even the most discerning ears. 

Together with Pecoraro & Pecoraro, the magnificent orchestra and a band consisting of highly accomplished musicians will deliver sheer perfection and first-class entertainment that will transport the audience to a different world for a few hours. Expect an evening that will touch and inspire you, make you smile, and perhaps even make you tear up a bit.

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MARKeT: Concert Show

customer: Pecoraro & Pecoraro

Services Provided: sound, light, video, stage, Rigging, technical planning, Sound Design, Lighting Design, production management