L-Acoustics L-ISA Agent

The Ultimate Expression of Sound.

L‑ISA technology enables artists to create and deliver immersive sound for live and recorded productions of any scale. This comprehensive ecosystem of audio tools provides a natural and vivid experience that heightens emotion and invites the listener inside the music.

L-Acoustics call this Immersive Hyperreal Sound.

For a live performance, if the primary production objectives are to expand the audio panorama and provide realistic localization, a system that supports Hyperreal Sound is the right solution. Unlike a traditional stereo layout, L‑ISA Hyperreal Sound is based on a horizontal arrangement of loudspeaker arrays that are distributed across – and often beyond – the full width of the stage. This Frontal configuration relies on overlapping coverage so that as much audience as possible hears all the arrays. A Frontal System consists of three systems: the Scene System, subwoofers and the Extension System. 


L-Acoustics L2


Part of the L Series, L2 is a full range progressive line source element designed for medium to large sized mobile and installation applications. Based on the Progressive Ultra-dense Line Source (PULS) technology, L2 offers an unprecendented combination of sonic performance, power-to- size and weight ratios, with ease of deployment.

Housing eight 3” compression drivers loaded on DOSC waveguides, eight 10” drivers and four 12” drivers mounted on the sides, L2 delivers broad bandwidth with reinforced LF contour and high output capacity. The combination of high component density in a single element ensuring close proximity between them and the 16 channels of DSP and amplification provided by the LA7.16(i) produces an unprecedented level of control and sonic consistency.

L2 is shaped in a progressive mechanical arrangement producing 10° of vertical control and feature four user-adjustable modules of PanflexTM to increase horizontal coverage flexiblility. Up to four L2 or three L2 and one L2D elements can be assembled to form a fixed J-shape line source, via a captive rigging system, that automatically locks securely. The absence of inter-element angles assures errorless setup and substantially increases speed of deployment. The combination of size and transportation accessories facilitate on-site deployment and reduces truck and storage space needs.

L-Acoustics L2 Website


Redline Enterprise holds one of the coveted licenses for the K1 sound system.

The K1 system, developed by the inventor of the line array, is without doubt the best sound system in the world. The international network Acoustics Rental Network stands for a premium standard in terms of staff and technology. As a member of the exclusive K1 network, Redline Enterprise guarantees maximum flexibility and quality.

K1 / K2: the best sound system on the market. 

Many years‘ experience with the Wavefront Sculpture technology and the latest L-Acoustics research eventually led to the development of the new K1 system. The K1 Line Source provides unprecedented performance for very large stadium events and open-air productions. The system sets new standards for coherence and consistent sound over very long distances.

K1 is available exclusively from qualified partners that belong to the L-Acoustics Rental Network.

Redline Enterprise offers a wide range of L-Acoustics products.

Redline Stages

To many artists, being on stage means the world. We approach our business with the same level of passion.

Since day one, stage design and rigging have been an inherent part of our portfolio. When it comes to stages, we can make nearly everything happen, from platform stages to Layher stages, mobile open-air stages and special designs.

Round Arch Stage 

16m x 14m. Transparent or white skin available. Variable stage depth: 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m.

Layher Stage

14m x 12m. 4 m PA wings. Variable stage depth: 8m, 10m, 12m.

Ground Support Stage

12m x 8m. Transparent or black skin available. Monopitch roof or round arch roof available.


8m x 6m. With attached PA wings or without wings. This is the world’s fastest stage!

AVID VENUE S6L | Mixing Console

Redline Enterprise has state-of-the-art technology. The AVID S6L is the live sound system of the future.

Avid VENUE systems are considered to be the most reliable and most popular live sound mixing consoles in the world. Their manufacturer is now writing the next chapter of this success story by introducing VENUE | S6L, which is a highly flexible solution that will allow you to excel even at highly challenging tours and events.

The new S6L processing engine stands out especially for its extraordinary processing power for more than 300 channels as well as second-to-none reliability. With its sophisticated touchscreen workflows and scalable system architecture, you will be able to meet the demands of any live event.

Just like all other VENUE systems, the S6L also includes plug-in and Pro Tools integration, but with higher processing power and more tracks than ever before. In addition, a large number of network and I/O options allow you to easily adapt the system for a customized configuration for any kind of use.

Sound & Light



GLP X5 - CLAY PAKY Sharpy Plus - ROBE Pointe - ASTERA Titan Tubes - ROBERT JULIAT Merlin - FLYING PIG Full Boar 4, Road Hog 4

YAMAHA DM7, CL5, QL1 - AVID VENUE S6L - L-ACOUSTICS K1, K2, L2, Kara, Kiva, ARCS, X15 HiQ, Syva, 112p, 108p, SB28, KS28, KILO, X8, 5XT


RE3T P3.9


Cherish and realize your every creative idea

By the use of only one type of panel, RE series can realize your valued creations by being assembled into concave and convex screens, and the minimum radius is only 2.85m long to make a circle.

LianTronics RE Series---Designed for mobile!

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