Every year, just under 40,000 people, dressed in colorful costumes, celebrate the Vienna Life Ball on Rathausplatz square. It’s Europe’s largest event dedicated to the fight against HIV and AIDS. This event is broadcast on live TV around the globe. The Life Ball is an unparalleled contribution to the fight against AIDS. We support the Life Ball every year with our services.

The technical side of the Life Ball is very complex and a true logistical challenge. We provide the technological equipment for all major locations: Rathausplatz square, the festival hall and Burgtheater theater. 

Life Ball: “Even more international and thus more successful”

 “The relaunch of the Life Ball, its side events and the brand LIFE+ will truly be a game changer and make us even more international and more financially successful,” said Gery Keszler. Supported initiatives include both local AIDS help projects and international partners, e.g. the Dream For Future Africa Foundation, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Sentebale, amfAR, and this year’s winners of the first LIFE+ Award, Greg Owen and Will Nutland with their “I Want PrEP Now” and “Prepster” projects.

Redline Enterprise have been supporting the Life Ball for over 10 years.

Market: Special Event

customer: Verein Life+

services provided: sound engineering, lighting engineering, Rigging