Disney in Concert Tour 2018

Unlike its name might suggest, this extraordinary live concert with Disney’s immensely successful movie “Frozen“ is anything but cold! Rather, it’s heart-warming and emotional. The audience will be in for a treat during the projection of the amazing Oscar-winning smash hit “Frozen” on an oversize screen. 

“Frozen” in an unparalleled animated film by Disney that has immediately captivated kids and adults alike with its perfect sound and emotional story. The harmony of the music, in combination with the fascinating story, appeals to everybody’s emotions and will leave a lasting impression, the typical Disney way. 
Not only Disney fans will love this concert in the unique ambience of its upcoming concert hall tour. The soundtrack is also second to none. Film and music experts agree that this is the best animated movie Disney has brought to the big screen in the past decade. Millions of viewers and fans share that sentiment. 

The audience will see this outstanding movie in its full length version on a giant screen. All songs will be performed LIVE on stage by star vocalists, accompanied by the Max Steiner Orchestra and the New Viennese Voices Choir conducted by Gottfried Rabl.

Overall, more than 100 musicians and vocalists on the big stage will make these evenings an unforgettable experience for the entire family.

MARKeT: Musical Tour

Customer: LSK Die Konzertagentur

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